60 IO Games! Ultimative IO Game Liste

In den letzten Jahren entstand eine neue Massiv Multiplayer Spiele Kategorie does direkt im Browser gespielt werden kann. Die so genannten "IO Games". Diese Liste bringt sie alle zusammen!

Was sind io spiele?

To be true there is no such thing. IO is a popular TLD (Top Level Domain) from the British Indian Ocean Territory and after the success from Agar.io and other games who adapted the IO TLD people just started calling these kind of games IO ames.

The idea is that IO games are simple to learn massive multiplayer games that you can just jump into without installing anything directly from your browser. They usually have some kind of live highscore system and are often based on the idea to survive by growing.

Warum io spiele plötzlich populär wurden

In the recent years a lot of new technologies got adapted by the browser creators and better support for websockets made it possible to build massive multiplayer gaming experiences directly in the browser.

After that was set it was only a question of time when proper games show up using these new technologies. The IO game hype is exactly this as it makes use of most of the new technologies as websockets, fast canvas, localstorage, ...

Noch eine IO spiele liste?

I know i am not the first who is creating such a site, but there are only 2 that are relevant. One seeming to be a little to ambitious the other (way more popular) beeing sketchy at best (calling everyone else out as beeing sketchy which is a asozial move IMO)

With this list i want to provide a simple interface for people to post, vote and comment IO games in a nice environment. As simple as possible :) I hope you like our idea, and if so make sure to share our site with your friends and social networks.